Affectionate, faithful, hypoallergenic.

The Siberian Forest Cat is well suited to any loving family that appreciates an affectionate, faithful, hypoallergenic feline.  Siberians have a solid, muscular body with big round feet adorned with tufts of fur on the toes.  They also stand out with their large golden-green or blue eyes, tufted ears, and neck mane. 

Physically, they adapt to most climates, but keep them indoors to protect their well-being.  Siberians mature slowly and do not reach their full physical development until they are 5 years old.  Some males can reach up to 25 pounds.  They are agile, powerful, and can easily leap to the top of refrigerators!

About 2 Rivers Siberians

We are a hobby breeder and our cats are part of our family and loved very much.  Our kittens are raised underfoot with love, kindness, lots of attention, and as a result, our Siberians are extremely well socialized.

For many years we bred and raised English bulldogs, but after intensive research, turned our attention to African Servals.  We were hooked from the moment we met our first cat.  Now, we are also drawn toward hypoallergenic Russian Siberians.   The incredible bond that Siberians forge with their human friends, makes them an instant favorite pet. 

What greater gift than the love of a cat?


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