How do I purchase a kitten?

Contact Us to reserve your kitten. We will send you a Kitten Reservation Form. Once we receive the returned form along with a non-refundable deposit, we will place you on our waiting list. The deposit will go towards the purchase of your kitten.

What comes with the kitten?

Each kitten is sold with a health guarantee, vaccinations up to date, & a kitten welcome packet, complete with toy & brush. 

How are Siberians hypoallergenic?
While searching for hypoallergenic cat due to cat allergies within our family’s, we discovered the beautiful Siberian.
Siberian cats are considered to be hypoallergenic, as many people with cat allergies may have little or no reactions to them. We have found this to be true within our family.
As cats groom themselves, the saliva dries on fur and skin which then flakes off and travels over the room.
Siberian cats produce less of the Fel d1 protein in their saliva which is generally what causes allergic problems.
For many allergy stuffers, this means they can finally have a cat in their life.
How do I groom my cat?
The Siberian Forest Cat thick layered coat ought to be brushed at least a few times a week to avoid tangles, knots or mats. The Siberian cat’s coat may shed more in the Spring and Fall. A shower/bath is not a normal thing and their coats are water resistant and hard to get wet.
Their nails need to be trimmed every couple weeks. Ears need to be checked week to week. If ears need a cleaning, contact your vet for solution or treatment. 
Can I purchase a kitten for breeding?

Kittens intended for breeding are very rarely sold & by private treaty only.


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